New Artist 16/08/2016

We’ve got a lovely new artist to showcase this month. We are displaying the work of Jacqui Ann Maydew who has painted some beautiful artwork currently adorning our walls. Jacqui uses a range of techniques including; mono printing, the employment of wax and ink in watercolour and the importance of light and tone in paintings. We will be displaying these beautifully colourful paintings for a month, so do pop in and take a look.


New Artist 13/07/2016

New artist alert! This month we are displaying the unique and intriguing works of James Stevens. James has recently graduated from University with a degree in photography and has developed an interest in macro-photography. We are displaying his ‘Unseen’ exhibition which depicts intensely focused, still-life photographs of fruit and vegetables. The photographs are unique and hold your attention because, as James states; ‘They show real objects, exactly as they are, in ways that we never perceive them.’ All James’ photos are for sale and really interesting so do come and have a look. Also check out James Stevens’ website here.


New Artist   24/06/2016

We have a new photographer to showcase!

Charles Kinsey began photographing wildlife in Kenya during a sabbatical term from his job as a chemistry teacher in 1984. Since his retirement in 2006 Kinsey has travelled extensively, learning about photography and conservation as he goes. He has been lucky enough to work with well established photographers such as Mark Carwardine, Jonathan Scott, and Paul Goldstein, and has had a number of photos published in BBC Wildlife Magazine, as well as other national magazines.

Kinsey conducts lectures locally on Wildlife and Conservation, and has recently lectured to several branches of the Avon Wildlife Trust, local Camera Clubs and Women’s Institutes. The proceeds of these lectures combined with the greetings cards he produces from his photographs help to raise money for the Canaan Harvest Children’s Home in Sri Lanka.

All photographs on display are for sale and they have been flying off the walls! We will be exhibiting Charles’ work until the 9th of July so do come in and have a look at his beautiful collection. Have a look at Charles’ website here.


Plenty Pies 

We are currently welcoming in a new era of pies at the Mall Deli. We have decided to stop  selling our homemade pies in favour of the delicious offerings from Stroud based company Plenty Pies. Despite the popularity of our homemade pies, we decided to take the opportunity to make way for a new specialist producer, which we can assure you we wouldn’t do unless they were first class! Back in May we hesitantly ordered 12 pies from Plenty Pies and after extensive testing by all the staff we decided that these were the pies we wanted to represent the Mall Deli. We now have a weekly order of six times the original order, and due to increasing popularity we will probably have to increase this again soon!

We currently stock;

  • Breton Chicken – a 2014 British Pie Awards Champion, this pie is a delicious mix of free range chicken, gammon, apples and local Severn Cider.
  • Overnight Shin of Beef – beef simmered in red wine and roasted garlic, with root vegetables and thyme and finished with Madeira.
  • Tartiflette – Creamy garlic potatoes with melt in the mouth free-range gammon, cheese and parsley.
  • Wild Boar and Chorizo – this Mall Deli staff favourite combines roasted red peppers, potato and onion in a sweet tomato sauce, and flavoured with smoked paprika, oregano and bay, with hints of dark chocolate.
  • Smoked Salmon Parmentier – last but by no means least we have the 2015 gold winner of the British Pie Award. A mix of smoked salmon with sliced potatoes, spinach and haricot beans, finished with vermouth and parsley cream.

All Plenty Pies use seasonal ingredients and the best free range meat. They only use natural flavourings and all fillings are prepared by hand, which are encased in the handmade shortcrust pasty cases. All the fillings are prepared by hand, peeling and chopping, smoking and roasting is all done by dedicated chefs, and the pie stock takes three days to make. They also freeze beautifully! We believe all of this dedication to perfection is obvious in the taste of these pies, which is why we chose them to replace our own. If you want any more information have a look at the Plenty Pies website by clicking on the link.


ChariTea   image1

We are delighted to now stock three delicious iced teas from the lovely people at ChariTeas (LINK). Grace from ChariTea popped in to our deli a few weeks ago with some samples of their teas that they thought our lovely customers would enjoy. We selected three from their vast range that we now sell in the deli and café;

  • ChariTea Green – a deliciously refreshing green tea infused with ginger.
  • ChariTea Red – a fruity rooibos tea with passion fruit.
  • Mate – a brewed iced mate tea with a splash of lemon and orange, a natural and earthy flavour.

All of the ingredients used in the ChariTea’s are ethically farmed and carry the fairtrade mark,  and they only use the highest quality ingredients. ChariTea is an offshoot project of charity a.k.a HOPE, an organisation created to empower the community in Naguru, Uganda. This non-profit organisation works with vulnerable people in Uganda’s slum communities including; children who are refugees, victims of trafficking, orphaned or alternatively vulnerable. ChariTea offer invaluable services such as; education, food, medical assistance, and foster care. Their long term plan is to purchase land and build safe homes for all these children, and get them out of the slums.

We are very pleased and excited to be stocking these teas, not only because they are absolutely delicious and the perfect refreshment in this hot and muggy British summer, but also because by purchasing these teas we are all helping to improve the lives of vulnerable children in Uganda. 100% of the profits of the ChariTeas goes to the day to day costs of looking after these children in Uganda, so you can enjoy this tea not only for its delicious taste and health benefits, but also safe in the knowledge that it is ethically produced and positively helping people! Learn more about this fantastic organisation on the ChariTea website.