The Mall Deli

After much deliberation, we have decided to temporarily close the deli at close of business on Tuesday, 31st March 2020.

We had hoped to be able to stay open to provide deliveries of essentials and deli items to our lovely local customers during this difficult period – and we advertised ourselves as being able to do this. We had also hoped to provide items by delivery through Good Sixty to those customers slightly further afield and we wanted to support our wonderful local suppliers at this time.

However, as the situation has unfolded, we are not able to provide this ongoing. Some of our core staff members have had to self-isolate due to medical conditions or vulnerable family members, and many have journeys into work that make it very difficult for them to practice effective social distancing. Whilst we have limited the number of customers in the shop at any given time, it is very difficult to police distances with our lay-out, and we worry about staff and customer safety. We are not set up to be a delivery only operation and moving to this wouldn’t resolve our concern about staff travelling into work. Taking all this into account, we feel closing temporarily is the only safe option.

We are staying open until Tuesday 31st to fulfill the deliveries that we have agreed to this month and allow customers who had pre-arranged deliveries for next month the time to either re-order for earlier delivery and/or make arrangements with other food shops going forward.

Please note that whilst our deli doors will be open until close of business on Tuesday 31st, the number of customers physically in the shop during this period will be strictly limited, and if it is possible for customers to pre-order items on the telephone for collection or delivery within Clifton Village, or order via the Good Sixty website for delivery further afield, we would encourage you to do this.

We would like to offer sincere apologies to any customers who had hoped to get regular deliveries of food from us. We would not have advertised the service if we had realised how the situation would unfold, both for the country generally and for our staff team. We are lucky to have fantastically loyal and lovely regular customers, who we really wanted to help during this period of uncertainty – we do hope you can understand our position.

There are two local supermarkets in Clifton Village ready to serve the community and we are reassured that the Government are also preparing to get packages of essentials to those who are most in need.

Our staff team will be ‘furloughed’, ready to come back and serve Clifton Village once we are safely able to do so again.

With very best wishes,

Kate, Josie, Tim & The Mall Deli Team